Our Story

Created in 2015, Minh Phuong Seafood Co., Ltd has been firmly standing on the shoulders of immensely experienced people in the production and exportation of frozen seafood in general and frozen frog legs in particular.


What makes us specially proud of what we are doing is to turn frog legs from a local popular food ingredient in many areas in Vietnam into a specialty exported to global consumers

1- Expertise: Almost 30 years’ experience in producing and exporting frozen frog legs.

2- Export markets: Canada, United States of America, Europe, Japan, Spain, Italy and Lebanon.

3- Production facilities:
– Production capacity: More than 60 tons of finished products per month
– Two IQF tunnels, three wind freezers and three block freezers
– Metal detectors, shrink wrap machine, sealing bag machine
– Cold storage: About 2,500 tons
– Certificate: HACCP


Decades of experience

With almost three decades in the seafood industry, having worked closely with customers from markets from all over the world to fulfill their expectations, we have grown a sound understanding and knowledge of the product standards for several markets.


We are committed to 

– Stable good quality products for each and every shipment
– Continuously improving the quality control system
– Open communication and careful listening to each customer’s wants and needs

Alive Vietnamese frogs – scientific name: Hoplobatrachus rugulosus

Frogs are farmed and raised in provinces along the Mekong Delta, especially Dong Thap, Soc Trang and Ca Mau provinces. Vietnamese frogs are those with the scientific name Hoplobatrachus rugulosus. 

Semi-finished raw material

Quality semi-finished raw material are provided by local farmers and transported in cold trucks to the factory for further trimming, cleaning, soaking and freezing. 

Carefully cleaned material 

Semi-finished frog legs are carefully and manually cleaned by the factory workers in order to trim and clean all the unnecessary parts before getting soaked to remove the blood remained within the products. 

Perfectly fresh frog legs

Cleaned and soaked fresh frog legs are ready for freezing and glazing.

Quality frozen frog legs 

Quality and convenient frozen frog legs are packed to get ready for shipments to markets around the world.

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